First Asian Conference on the Ancient World [Forthcoming]

We are pleased to announce the “First Asian Conference on the Ancient World”, which will take place online on January 29,2021. 


We present papers concerning the ancient civilizations of Africa, Europe, Asia, as well as pre - colonial Americas and Oceania. Papers may concern any aspect of these civilizations, including history, archeology, art and architecture, philology, literature, philosophy, religion studies, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, etc. according to a holistic perspective of a people in all its material and cultural manifestations. While conferences of this type have been organized in Europe and in America, no similar event with such a broad and complex range has taken place in Asia. We intend, therefore, to inaugurate a tradition of annual conferences, including both invited speakers and free calls for papers, as an Asian forum for reflection and discussion on antiquity, which, we hope, will attract increasing participation each year.


This time, our conference will include 15 speakers. Papers will be organized according to thematic sections and will be allotted 30 minutes each (20 minutes for oral presentation, 10 minutes for discussion). Their written version will be published in the proceedings by Brill Publishers.


We are looking forward to welcoming you, according to the traditional Chinese friendliness and hospitality, in our “sea of pearls” (Zhuhai), in a green subtropical corner of Asia – the continent of one of the earliest civilizations.