LATEST: Old world. Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia

Our new journal Old world. Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia is devoted to publishing advanced scholarly works on any aspect of ancient civilizations of the Old World, that is, of Africa and Eurasia, with a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. We aim at offering a comprehensive perspective on civilizations developed in these regions in pre-modern times, with a broad chronological span ranging from prehistory to the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire in the XV century, as well as with a broad disciplinary coverage including history, archeology, art and architecture, philology, literature, philosophy, religion studies, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, etc. The journal, in cooperation with Brill, presents studies from both eminent scholars and promising young talents.


Volume I (2021) completed and online with Open Access:


1. “Between the Nile and the Red Sea. Medjay Desert Polities in the Third to First Millennium bce” by Julien Cooper

2. “On the Concept of an Anatolian-Greek Language Area” by Paola Cotticelli-Kurras

3. “Magical Amulets, Magical Thinking, and Semiotics in Early Byzantium” by Jacquelyn Tuerk-Stonberg

4. “Classification of the Parts of Speech in Arabic. A Discussion on Origins, Theories, and Definitions” by Simona Olivieri

5. “Evaluating Syntactic Annotation of Ancient Languages. Lessons from the Vedic Treebank” by Erica BiagettiOliver HellwigSalvatore ScarlataElia Ackermann, and Paul Widmer

6. “Archaeology of Early Chinese Settlement in Southeast Asia” by John Miksic

7. “Toponyms as a Gateway to Society. An Abui Case Study” by Shaun Lim Tyan Gin and Francesco Perono Cacciafoco


Volume II (2022) completed and online with Open Access:

1. “Quintilian on Laughter (Inst. 6.3). A Useful, Dangerous, Inexplicable Weapon” by Laura Loporcaro

2. “A Collection of Jibbali/Śḥərɛ̄́t Proverbs from Ali al-Shahri’s Publication The Language of Aad/لغة عاد” by Giuliano Castagna

3. “Stylistic Traces of Amarna Art in Reliefs of the Tomb of Petosiris (Tuna al Gebel Necropolis)” by Valeria Kuvatova

4. “A Glimpse of China’s Earliest Decision-Making: The Meaning of Zhēn 貞 ‘Test’ in the Huāyuánzhuāng East Oracular Inscriptions” by Adam Craig Schwartz

5. “Text and the city: How the city shaped language” by Nour Efrat-Kowalsky 


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