First paper of Old World: Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia Formally published

The first paper of Old World: Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia (OW), was formally published on July 16, 2021. This paper, entitled “Between the Nile and the Red Sea, Medjay Desert Polities in the Third to First Millennium BCE” was submitted by Dr. Julien Cooper, a promising young scholar of RCHC who specializes in the areas of Ancient History, Egyptology and African Civilizations. 

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Or click here to download PDF:  Between the Nile and the Red Sea.pdf

Sponsored by RCHC and published by Brill Publishing House, Leiden, OW is devoted to publishing advanced scholarly works on any aspect of ancient civilizations of the Old World, that is, of Africa and Eurasia, with a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. Professor Zhi Chen, director of RCHC, researcher in Chinese Studies, and Provost of UIC, serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Old World. Prof. Carlotta Viti and Xiang (Shawn) Wang are the Associate editors. Ten well-known scholars from 8 different countries are members of the advisory board, including Edward L. Shaughnessy (University of Chicago), Hans van Ess (University of Munich) and so on; another 14 scholars from 11 countries or regions serve as members of the editorial board.

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