We invite applications of scholars from different fields of ancient civilizations such as history, literature, linguistics, religious studies, art history, archaeology, codicology, epigraphy, philosophy, ethnography as well from a wide range of areas of specialization, such as Sinology, Indology, Egyptology, Oriental Studies, African studies, Greco-Roman studies, Middle Eastern studies, Eastern Asian studies, Persian studies, Judaic studies, Biblical studies, Islamic studies, Buddhist studies, South-East Asian studies, Japanese studies, Korean studies, Turkish studies, Slavic studies, Russian studies, Mongolian studies, Armenian studies, Etruscology, Tamilology, etc. who can contribute to the construction of our research center. Successful candidates will be active researchers or scholars of international stature who can

(i) evince intellectual leadership and impact on the field

(ii) develop sustainable research projects with great potential for significant contributions to the Centre

(iii) teach foundation courses in the category of history and civilization. In addition, they will participate actively in supervising students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Candidates who are elected academicians of prestigious institutes will be prioritized. Recruitment methods and related rules and regulations are implemented in accordance with Beijing Normal University's talent recruitment methods.