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Dr. Chinmay Dharurkar-Research Fellow
Ph.D. Sanskrit and Linguistics,IIT Bombay

Brief Profile:

Dr. Chinmay Dharurka have been working as Assistant Professor in Dept. of Linguistics at Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod for last five years. He have earned his PhD in Sanskrit and Linguistics from IIT Bombay in April 2018. His formal training (Masters and the following degrees) has been in Linguistics. He is interested in Philosophy, Translation, Sociology and Literary Criticism. He is a polyglot knowing more than 10 languages.


Teaching Experience

Worked as Assistant Professor, Linguistics at:

1. Central University of Kerala, Dept. of Linguistics. December 2013 till present.

Natural languages known

Can read, write & comprehend

Marathi First Language








German – Only an elementary level. Persian- Two elementary levels. Can read, write and converse

Arabic – Two elementary levels. Can’t converse. But substantially introduced to the formal grammar of the language.


Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Delhi scholarship for securing 100/100 in Sanskrit in H.S.C. Exam.

Merit Scholarship for standing first in the Entrance examination for the M.A Applied Linguistics course of UoH, CALTS.

 UGC JRF in Linguistics June 2010

Life Member of

Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune

Linguistic Society of India, Pune

Marathi Abhyas Parishad, Pune

Dravidian Linguistics Association, Trivandrum

Member of

Jñānamaṇḍals (groups dedicated to specific disciplines) of Marathi Vishwakosh (Encyclopedia) of Maharashtra Govt. since 2013.

Committee to revise dictionary of Maharashtra Govt.’s dictionary of administration (Śāsana- vyavahāra Kośa) since 2013


(If not all, most of these publications are available on my page:

Articles (Jounral articles, conference proceedings and other publications)

1. Dharurkar Chinmay (2019) ‘Borrowed words make it informal! The pragmatics and aesthetics of code-mizing of English in Indian languages’ in Rath, Arnapurna (et. al) (Ed) (2019) Critical Essays on Literature, Language, and Aesthetics: A volume in honour of Milind Malshe. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 249 – 261.

2. Dharurkar Chinmay (2016) [In Marathi] ‘malyāḷī āṇi marāṭhī sāhityātīl anuvād prakriyā āṇi sāhitya samūhācī saṅkalpanā’ in Māymāvaśī Vāsantik aṅka A journal of Sane Guruji Smārak Trust. Mumbai: Sane Guruji Smārak Trust. pp. 3-9.

3. Assonance A Journal of Russian and Comparative Literary Studies [Journal]

Dharurkar,  C.  V.  (2015)  'Historical  Sociology  of  the Mahābhārata'.  In  Assonance  A  Journal  of  Russian  and Comparative  Literary  Studies  No.-15  March  2015.  Calicut:  Department  of  Russian  and  Centre  for  Comparative Literature, University of Calicut. [ISSN 2394-7853]

4. Pragmata Journal of Human Sciences, Tumkuru. [Journal]

Dharurkar,  C.  V.  (2014)  'Epistemological  Standpoints  in  Indian  theories  of  Verbal  Cognition  and  Modern Linguistics'. In Pragmata Journal of Human Sciences. Vol 2 Issue 2 June 2014 , [Tumkur: Tumkur University] 166 - 172. [ISSN 2349-5065]

5. Critical Enquiry A Bilingual Interdisciplinary Journal in Humanities and Social Sciences, Nashik. [Journal]

Dharurkar   Chinmay.   2014.   [In   Marathi]   ‘kitvācā   bhāṣāvaijnānik   ulgaḍā’.   In:   Critical   Enquiry   A   Bilingual Interdisciplinary Journal in Humanities and Social Sciences. Jan 2014. Nashik: Institute of Knowledge Engineering. [ISSN 0975-0096]

6. Journal of the Oriental Institute, Baroda [Journal]

Kulkarni  Malhar,  Dharurkar  Chinmay,  Dipesh  Katira,  Rajshree  Oak.  2012.   'Issues  of  Errors  in  Usage  of Adjectives   in   the   Syntax   of   Modern   Sanskrit'   Journal   of   the   Oriental   Institute.   Baroda:   Baroda   Oriental Institute.Vol. 61, Nos. 1 - 4, September-December 2011 and March-June 2012 Issue` pp. 127-142.

7. Proceedings of 15th WSC held in Dec 2011 at New Delhi [Proceedings] Katira Dipesh, Dharurkar Chinmay and Malhar Kulkarni. 2012. ‘Textual study of vat’, In: Cardona G, Bhate S. V. et al (Ed) Proceedings of 15th World Sanskrit Conference Grammar Section. Delhi: D.K Printworld Publishers.

8. Proceedings 3rd SCONLI [Proceedings]

 Dharurkar   Chinmay.   2011.   ‘Skeuomorphism   in   Panini’.   In:   Choudhary,   Narayan   and   Sabu,   Gibu   (Eds.) Proceedings of Third Students’ Conference of Linguistics in India 2009. New Delhi: Parimal. p. 35-45. [ISBN 978-81-7110- 383-6]

9. Bhāṣā āṇi Jīvan, Pune [Journal]

 Dharurkar Chinmay. 2011. [In Marathi] ‘Samyukta kriyāpadāncā pech’. In: Bhāṣā āṇi Jīvan I: 2011. Pune: Marathi Abhyās Parishad. p. 64-67. [ISSN 2231-4059] [Journal]

10. Indian Linguistics [Journal]

Bidnur  Jahnavi  and  Dharurkar  Chinmay.  2010.  ‘Metrical  Exigencies  and  Taddhitas  in  the  Mahabharata:  A Formulaic Approach’. Indian Linguistics. Pune: Deccan College; 71:1-4, p. 49-56. [ISSN 0378-0759]

11. Sanskrit Computational Linguistics Symposium Proceedings [Proceedings]

Kulkarni Malhar, Ajotikar Anuja, Ajotikar Tanuja, Katira Dipesh, Dharurkar Chinmay and Dangarikar Chaitali. 2010. ‘Headedness and Modification in Nyaya Morpho-syntactic Analysis: Towards a Bracket-parsing model’. In Girish Nath Jha (Ed.) Sanskrit Computational Linguistics 4th International Symposium Proceedings. New Delhi: Springer. p. 106-123 [ISSN 0302-9743]

12. Annals of Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute, Pune [Journal]

Dharurkar Chinmay. 2011. ‘A Linguistic Study of Howmanieth’. BORI Annals. Pune: BORI. P. 43-57.


13. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2013. [In Marathi] ‘jarman śikā: ek ādarśa vastupāṭha’ [Review of a book that teaches German through Marathi].In: Bhāṣā āṇi Jīvan: IV: 2013. Pune: Marathi Abhyās Pariṣad. p. 72-76.


15.  Dharurkar Chinmay (2019) ‘Borrowed words make it informal! The pragmatics and aesthetics of code-mizing of English  in  Indian  languages’  in  Rath,  Arnapurna  (et.  al)  (Ed)  (2019)  Critical  Essays  on  Literature,  Language,  and Aesthetics: A volume in honour of Milind Malshe. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. pp. 249 – 261.


14. Dharurkar Chinmay (2018) [In Marathi] ‘itihāsācā punarvicār’ (Marathi translation of Keith Jenkins’ Rethinking History. In Khel ̥ Issue March 2018. Pune: Khel.

15. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2014. [In Marathi] ‘pāmuk, he sagla āplyābābtit kharac ghaDla hota kā?’ [Marathi translation of Orhan Pamuk’s one of the Norton lectures]. In: Nava-anushtubh: I: 2014. Mumbai: Nava- Anushtubh.

16. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2013. [In Marathi] ‘prācīnatamabhāṣā āṇi ādimabhāṣā’ in Bhasha ani Jeevan: II: 2013. Pune: Marathi Abhyās Parishad. [ISSN 2231-4059] [Journal] [Marathi translation of Saussure’s chapter in the Course entitled ‘The Oldest language and the Prototype’] 

17. Malshe Milind and Dharurkar Chinmay. 2013. [In Marathi] ‘lekhak mhaṇje kāy’ Muktaśabda Jun 2013 [a monthly periodical]. Boriwali, Mumbai: Shabda Publication. [Marathi translation of Foucault’s essay ‘What is an author’].

18. Critical Enquiry 2012 [Journal]

Dharurkar Chinmay. 2012. [In Marathi] ‘Atibhautikīcī saṅkalpanā’. In: Critical Enquiry A Bilingual interdisciplinary journal in Humanities and Social Sciences. IV:III July-Sept 2012. Nashik: Institute of Knowledge Engineering. p. 57-

70. ISSN 0975-0096 [Marathi trasnlation of Mohnaty, J. N. 2002 ‘The Concept of Metaphysics’. In: Bilimoria, Purushottama 2002 (Ed.) Essays on Indian Philosophy. New Delhi: Oxford. 17-25]

19. Malshe Milind and Dharurkar Chinmay. 2012. [In Marathi] ‘lekhakācā anta’. Muktaśabda Feb 2013 [a monthly periodical]. Boriwali, Mumbai: Shabda Publication. [Marathi translation of Roland Barthes’ essay ‘Death of the Author’]

20. Malshe Milind and Dharurkar Chinmay. 2011. [In Marathi] ‘Saussurecā bhāṣavaijnānik vicār’ [Translation of select chapters from Sausssure’s Course in General Linguistics into Marathi] In: Bhasha ani Jeevan: II: 2011. Pune: Marathi Abhyās Parishad. p. 6-26. [ISSN 2231-4059] [Journal]

21. Kulkarni Malhar, Ajotikar Anuja, Ajotikar Tanuja, Katira Dipesh, Dharurkar Chinmay and Dangarikar Chaitali. 2010. [In Sanskrit] ‘āvaraṇa-anśavibhājana-paddhatyā padavākyayornyāyamatānusāriviśleṣaṇe prakāratāviśeṣyatayorupayogaḥ’ Gaṇakapāṇinīyaṃ. Proceedings of Sanskrit Computational Linguistics. Hyderabad: Sanskrit Academy. p. 120-147 [ISBN 978-93-80171-16-6] [Proceedings] [Sanskrit Translation of the proceedings paper mentioned in 2., above]



1. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2018. [In Marathi] ‘bhāśā āṇī smr̥ti: saiddhāntik vyūha’ [Article in Marathi on language and memory] published online at:

2. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2018. [In Marathi] ‘marāṭhī abhijāt nāhī, ticyā ādhunikatecī kadar karā’ [Marathi is not classical, respect its modernity]. An article published on BBC Marathi: 43212740 on 28th February 2018.

3. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2016. [In Marathi] ‘śabda āhet ho…’ Daily Lokasatta dt. 27/02/2016, editorial page, Mumbai and other editions. Mumbai: Express Group.

4. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2016. [In Marathi] ‘udārīkaraṇ āṇi bhāvanikatā’ in Puruṣaspandan Diwāḷī issue. Mumbai: MAWA.

5. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2013. [In Marathi] ‘Bhāṣece māypaṇ.’ Akṣar Diwālī 2013. Goregaon, Mumbai: Akṣar Prakāśan.

6. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2012. [In Marathi] ‘Na-kathā’ [5 non-stories]. Muktaśabda August 2012 [a monthly periodical]. Boriwali, Mumbai: Shabda Publication. p. 29-32.

7. Dharurkar Chinmay. 2008. [In Marathi] ‘Chinmay Dharurkar yāñcyā kavitā’ [Poems by Chinmay Dharurkar].

Kavitārati. [a tri-monthly periodical] Dhule: Purushottam Patil.

8. Several encyclopedic entries in Marathi Vishwakosh, Marathi Encyclopedia.

Papers presented/talks delivered

1. Presented a paper entitled ‘Ethnolinguistic Identities and Development: Insights from Bilingualism’ in a National Seminar organized by DLA, ISDL, Trivandrum on 14-15 February 2018.

2. Presented a paper entitled ‘Marathi literary criticism: paradigms from Cultural Studies’ at a national seminar (Dynamic concepts of literary history) organized by N. G. Acharya College, Chembur, Mumbai on 9th January 2018.

3. Presented a paper on the concept of literary genre in a national seminar organized by Shivaji College, Satara, Maharashtra as a part of the Literary Criticism Summit held on 11-12 December 2017.

4. Delivered talks, lectures on Sociology of translation, Philosophy of translation, and Translation of Urdu shayari into English at NTM workshop, CIIL Mysore in November 2017.

5. Delivered the keynote address for a national seminar on Marathi in several domains: Usage and Creativity organized by IBP Women’s College, Aurangabad, Maharashtra on 25th February 2017

6. Presented a paper on Translation processes in translation from Malayalam to Marathi in a National workshop on translation at Sane Guruji Smarak Trust, Mangaon during 24-25 Oct 2015.

7. Presented a paper on Politics of mother tongue at a regional meet in Jalgaon called Sāhitya Saṃvād, organized jointly by U M University, Jalgaon and Sane Guruji Smarak Trust, Mangaon during 28-31 January 2015.

8. Presented a paper entitled “Borrowed Words make in Informal Code switching in Indian languages” in the 12th International Conference on English Grammar, held at Dr. BA Marathwada University, Aurangabad, Maharashtra from 18-23 January 2015.

9. Presented a paper “Absence of Women in Indian Linguistics” in a National Seminar on Gender and Language in Kerala University, Trivandrum held during 12-14 March 2014.

10. Presented a paper “Middle Class in Everyday Speech” in a symposium held in IIT Bombay in May 2012.

11. Presented a paper “Sanskrit: Tradition and Intellectual History” in Young Researchers’ Workshop held in March 2010 by (and at) CSCS, Bangalore.

12. Presented a paper “A history of Sanskrit Tradition and the disciplinarity of Sanskrit” in SCONLI 4 (Feb 2010) held at University of Mumbai.

13. Presented a paper “Approaches to study the Undefined Terms in Panini” in ICOSAL held at Panjabi University, Patiala in January 2010.

14. Presented a paper “Sanskrit: Tradition and Intellectual History” in Young Researchers’ Workshop held in March 2010 by (and at) CSCS, Bangalore.

15. Attended a workshop on Historical Linguistics held at CIIL, Mysore from 20 Dec 2008 through 14 January 2009.

16. Attended seminar entitled “How (not) to Review Translated Texts” held by English Dept. University of Hyderabad in January 2007.

17. Presented a research in a section Grammar and Linguistics at 7th Brihanmaharashtra Oriental Conference in May 2007 at Mumbai which received first prize in the section.

18. Presented a research paper entitled “Skeuomorphism in Panini” at SCONLI 3 held at JNU Jan 2009.

19. Attended a workshop on “Parsing English: A Paninian Perspective” held by Sanskrit Dept. University of Hyderabad from 13-11-2006 to 18-11-2006

20. Presented a research paper in Platinum Jubilee International Conference of LSI at Hyderabad in Dec 2005. (Available on the URL mentioned above)