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Prof. Dung, Chau Hung-Visiting Research Fellow
Ph.D. Chinese language and literature, The University of Hong Kong

Prof. DUNG Chau Hung

Dung Chau Hung received his PhD in Chinese Literary Criticism from the School of Chinese of the University of Hong Kong. He is currently a professor in the Department of Chinese Literature at Chu Hai College of Higher Education (Hong Kong). Previously he taught at City University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University and The Open University of Hong Kong. The focus of his research is on Lingnan poems, survivors' poems, Ming and Qing poetry, Tang poetry, poetry appreciation and practice. He is the author of “Liang Peilan ji jiaozhu (Annotated collection of Liang Peilan works, in six volumes, 1.5 million words in total)”, "Poetics of Ye Xie and of the Three Great Poetry Masters of Lingnan: A Comparative Study", "A Study of Qu Dajun Poetics", and " Wang Wei Research Data Compilation " (co-edited). His many academic articles have been published in top-ranking journals such as “Bulletin of the Jao Tsung-I Academy of Sinology” (Hong Kong), "Journal of Chinese Studies" (Hong Kong), "Journal of Oriental Studies" (Hong Kong)," Literature and Art Studies" (Mainland China), "Collected Essays of Chinese Classics and Cultural" (Mainland China), "Nankai Journal" (Mainland China), "Literatures in Chinese" (Mainland China), and "Journal of the Classical Literature Association of Yon Min" (Korea). He also authored and edited a variety of poem collections and anthologies, including personal poems collections "Tingchelu Poems" (three volumes); poetry review monograph "Tingchelu Criticism on Pushe Poems"; edited collections of classical poems include "City Heart Collection", "Poem Collection on City University Campus", "Celebrating the Establishment of Jao Tsung-I College of Hong Kong Baptist University", "Jingshan Jade Chips-Three Compilations", "Xin Song Poetry Collection" (co-edited), "Xin Song Poetry Collection Sequel" (co-edited) etc. He has published a total of 15 books.

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