Reseacher/Information page

Dr. WANG Xiaolin-Adjunct Professor
PhD,Kyoto University

Professor Wang Xiaolin's research concentrates on the Sino-Japanese relationships of literature, religion, mythology, and the interaction of East Asian intellectual and political thought. He has published extensively on these topics since he received his PhD from Kyoto University in1999. Since 2011, He has published nine academic monographs in Japan, Taiwan, Mainland and Hong Kong. He also published over 40 of articles in peer reviewed journals in Japanese, Chinese and English. His recent publications include The Formation and Development of Japanese National Studies, (Taipei: Linking Publishing, 2013). Studies in Sino-Japanese Comparative Mythology, (Tokyo: Kyuko Shoin Press, 2014); The Literature of Zen Buddhism: The Ten Oxherding Pictures (Hong Kong: Chunghwa Book Co HK, 2015); Studies in Sino-Japanese Comparative Philosophy (Tokyo: Kyuko Shoin Press, 2016) and The The Formation of Kojiki and East Asian Mysticism (Tokyo, Kyuko Shoin Press 2018). He is now working on a new monograph of The History of Modern Sino-Japanese Comparative Political Thought.