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Dr. Shawn Wang-Associate Professor
Ph.D. Religious Studies, Stanford University

Brief Profile:             

Dr. Xiang WANG (Shawn WANG) received his Ph.D. degree in Religious Studies from Stanford University. He is an associate professor in the General Education Office of Beijing Normal University—Hong Kong Baptist University United International College. He is now teaching interregional and multidisciplinary courses on Buddhology and world religions, which regularly cover many diverse cultures of the "One Belt One Road" countries. 

In addition to Asian Studies, his other interests include spiritual classics, comparative mysticism and thanatology. So far he has single-authored a monograph on Ximing Monastery and translated a book by the British historian Eric Hobsbawn. He also published numerous journal articles, book chapters, papers in proceedings, book reviews as well as government research reports and newspaper articles for both academic professionals and the reading public. He is currently at work on two book manuscripts funded by Guangdong Province and the National Social Science Grant of China. The first book is the first edition of the Chinese “Anthology of World Religions” (forthcoming, 2020),while the second one focuses on ancient Buddhist manuscript libraries along the Silk Road (forthcoming, 2022). 



PhD (Religious Studies, Stanford University) 斯坦福大学宗教研究博士

MA (Religious Studies, Stanford University) 斯坦福大学宗教研究硕士

MA (Buddhist Studies, The University of Hong Kong) 香港大学佛教研究硕士

MA (East Asian Studies, Yale University) 耶鲁大学东亚研究硕士

LLB (International Cultural Exchange, Peking University) 北京大学国际文化交流法学士

BA (English Literature, Hohai University) 河海大学英语语言文学文学士

Academic Title

Associate Professor 副教授, Associate Researcher 副研究员

Area of Expertise

History and Civilization of the One Belt One Road (一带一路的历史与文明), World Religions (世界宗教), History of Buddhist Manuscript Libraries (佛教写本图书馆史), Buddology (佛教学), Spiritual Classics (灵性的经典), Chinese Religion (中国宗教), East Asian Studies (东亚研究), Religious Studies (宗教学), etc.

 Research Projects and Grants

1. 2018-2021:国家社会科学基金 National Social Science Grant of China Project: Buddhist Manuscript Libraries in the History of Cultural Exchange along the Silk Road 丝路文化交流中的佛教写本图书馆研究

2. 2020:UIC Matching Fund for the Publication of the Anthology of World Religions 北师港浸大广东省哲学社科项目《世界宗教文选》配套出版基金

3. 2017-2019:Grant from the Guangdong Province Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, the 13th Five-Year Project 广东省哲学社会科学“十三五”规划项目 Project: Study and Compilation of the first "Anthology of World Religions" in the Chinese Academia 汉语学界第一本《世界宗教文选》的研究和编纂

4. 20-17-2019:Grant from the Department of Education of Guangdong Province广东省教育厅高等教育教学改革项目 Project: Renovation of "World Religions" Courses at Sino-Foreign College 中外合办高校“世界宗教”课程体系的教研与探索

5. 2016-2019: UIC Research Grant Project: A Cultural History of Buddhist Manuscript libraries from India to China 从天竺到震旦:写本时代的佛教图书馆

6. 2016-2019: UIC Seed Grant for the Course Renovation Project : Teaching “World Religions” Courses at Sino-foreign Joint-venture University 中外合办高校“世界宗教”课程的教研与探索

7. 2016: Research Fund from Zhuhai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science 珠海市哲学社科联"十二五规划项目" Project: Study of Christianity in Zhuhai 珠海地区基督教之研究

8. 2014-2016:UIC Research Gran Project: Ximing Monastery and Chang'an Buddhism 西明寺与长安佛教

9. 2014: Research Fund from Zhuhai Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science 珠海市哲学社科联"十二五规划项目" Project: Buddhist Monasteries in Zhuhai 珠海市佛教寺院之研究

10. 2012:Stanford TGR Fellowship and CEAS Summer Research Grant 斯坦福大学东亚研究中心暑期研究补助

11. 2012:Research Fund, National Institute for Advanced Humanistic Studies, Fudan University 复旦大学人文高等研究院访问学者 (declined)

12. 2012 and 2010: OYCF-Gregory C. and Paula K. Chow Teaching Fellowshi 海外青年华人论坛 (OYCF) 短期教学奖学金

13. 2011:Research Fund, Center of South Asia, Stanford University 斯坦福大学南亚中心研究基金

14. 2011: Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-Financed Students Abroad 中国政府驻外领事馆优秀自费留学生奖学金

15. 2010: Research Fund, Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities, Sun Yat-Sen University 中山大学人文高等研究院驻院青年学人研究奖助

16. 2009: Graduate Research Grant (Department of Religious Studies, Stanford)

17. 2009: China Times Cultural Foundation Young Scholar Award 中国时报文化基金会青年学者奖学金

18. 2009: Stanford CEAS Conference Travel Grant 斯坦福大学东亚研究中心学术会议旅行奖学金

19. 2009: Graduate Research Opportunities Fund (School of Humanities and Science, Stanford) 斯坦福大学人文科学学院学术研究基金

20. 2008: Field Trip Grant (Department of Religious Studies, Stanford) 斯坦福大学宗教学系实地考察研究基金

21. 2008: CEAS Summer Research Grant (Center of East Asian Studies, Stanford)

22. 2007: Research Fund on Chinese Buddhism (Stanford) 斯坦福宗教学系中国佛教研究基金

23. 2007: Tibetan Studies Initiative Fellowship (Stanford) 斯坦福大学西藏研究奖学金 Summer Program, Kathmandu University (Nepal) 尼泊尔加德满都大学西藏佛教暑期班

24. 2004: Stanford University Graduate Fellowship       

25. 2004: Rosemary Leute International Travel Grant (Stanford) 罗斯玛丽路特国际旅行奖学金

26. 2003: Tung Lin Kok Yuen Scholarship in Buddhist Studies (Hong Kong University) 香港大学东莲觉苑佛教研究生奖学金

27. 2001: Fan Fellowship (Yale University) 耶鲁大学 范氏研究生奖学金

28. Future Project: An Annotated Translation and Study of The Holy Science by Swami Sri Yukteswar (尤加瓦地《神圣的科学》之详注与研究)

Recent/ Valuable Publications


Book Manuscript in Progress (Chinese): 贝叶东来:丝绸之路视域中的佛教写本图书馆 Buddhist Manuscript Libraries along the Silk Road (300 pages, forthcoming, 2022)

Book Manuscript in Progress (Chinese): 世界宗教文选(第一版)Anthology of World Religions-First Edition (300 pages, forthcoming, 2021)


2015. Wang Xiang, Ximing Monastery: History and Imagination in Medieval Chinese Buddhism. Saarbrücken, Germany: Lambert Academic Publishing, 2015. 300 pages, ISBN: 978-3-659-67671-0.


2001. Hobsbawm, E. J. Uncommon People: Resistance, Rebellion and Jazz. New York: Distributed by Norton, 1998. (Hobsbawm, E. J, tr. Wang, Xiang 王翔.非凡的小人物:反抗、造反及爵士乐. 新华出版社, 2001年.418 pages, ISBN: 750115319)

Articles and Papers

2020.     Journal Article: "玄奘笔下的印度佛教图书馆 (Indian Buddhist Libraries as Recorded by Xuanzang)”, Taiwan: Xinwenfeng 台湾新文丰 forthcoming, 2019. (Chinese: 13,000 words)

2019.     Journal Article: "Buddhist Library of Guangxiao Monastery: Part I——The Age of Manuscript (光孝寺的佛教图书馆上: 写本时代的寺院经藏), Guangdong Buddhism 广东佛教 2019 (5), pp.39-44. (Chinese: 8,000 words)2019.      Journal Article: "Buddhist Library of Guangxiao Monastery: Part II——The Post-Tang Period (光孝寺的佛教图书馆下:唐以后的藏经楼), Guangdong Buddhism 广东佛教 2019 (6), pp.22-27. (Chinese: 8,000 words) 

2019.      Book Chapter: "Establishment of the National Monastery: A Case Study of the Birth of Ximingsi in 658 (国家大寺的创立:以658年西明寺的诞生为例)”, Taiwan: Xinwenfeng 台湾新文丰, 2018, pp.191-211. (Chinese: 16,000 words)

2018.      Book Chapter: "From Serindia to Japan: A Sketch of the Buddhist Library of Ximing Monastery in the Eighth-Century Chang’an", from Silk Road to Belt Road: Reinventing the Past and Shaping the Future. Springer, 2018, pp.105-117. ISBN: 9789811329975, DOI: 10.1007/978-981-13-2998-2_7. (English: 7000 words)

2018.       Conference Paper: “The Impact of the Rise of World Religions Courses on the Study of Religion in China”, Conference: The 3rd Forum on Religious Studies in China. September, Organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Science and the Association of Chinese Religion at Sun Yat-Sen University.    

2018.      Book Chapter: "国家大寺的创立:以658年的西明寺为例 (Establishment of the National Monastery: A Case Study of the Birth of Ximingsi in 658)”, Taiwan: Xinwenfeng 台湾新文丰, 2018. (Chinese: 16,000 words)

2017.     Journal Article: "天竺奇谭:中国文献中的印度佛教图书馆传说 (Strange Tales of Sindu: Legends of Indian Libraries in the Chinese Buddhist Texts)", Library Journal (Tushuguan zazhi 图书馆杂志) 2017(36:8), 95-99. (Chinese: 7,000 words)

2016.     Journal Article: “The Pre-History of Ximing Monastery: Anecdotes and Imagining of Chang'an Buddhism”, Journal for the Study of Chan Buddhism and Human Civilization, Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, 2016, pp.111-144. (English: 12,000 words)

2016.     Conference Paper: “五台山与唐代的长安佛教:以西明寺为中心(Mount Wutai and Chang'an Buddhism: A Case Study of Ximing Monastery)”,Conference on Manjusri and Ven. Master Nenghai 五台山文殊信仰暨能海上师诞辰130周年国际学术研讨会, Mount. Wutai 山西五台山

2016.     Journal Article: “The Pre-History of Ximing Monastery: Anecdotes and Imagining of Chang'an Buddhism”, Journal for the Study of Chan Buddhism and Human Civilization, Issue 1 (2016), pp.114-144.Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, 2016. (English: 12,000 words)

2015.     Conference Paper: "The Samgha-State History of Ximingsi ranging from 656 to 712, " More Bonds Than Boundaries: The Diverse Roles And Functions Of East Asian Temples And Shrines, Chinese Academy of Buddhist Studies, the University of British Columbia, August, Shanghai. (English: 15,000 words)

2015.     Journal Article: "香山佛踪: 珠海金台寺之研究 (Study on the Jintai Monastery in Zhuhai)," 2015, Linnan Wenshi 岭南文史 117, pp.37-41. (Chinese: 11,000 words)

2014.     Book Chapter: “From Nālandā to Chang’an: a Survey of Buddhist Libraries,” in Buddhism across Asia: Networks of Material, Intellectual and Cultural Exchange, ed. Tansen Sen. Singapore: ISEAS Publishing; New Delhi: Manohar, 2014, pp.207-232. (English: 14,000 words)

2012.     Conference Presentation: “学与爱之间是艰难的旅程: 佛教与科学略论 (Between Learning and Love is an Arduous Journey: On Buddhism and Science),” 青年佛学研究丛书, vol.1), Hong Kong, 2012年. pp.36-54. (Chinese: 6,000 words)

2011.     Conference Paper: “Buddhist Manuscript Culture in Medieval China: Neidian Catalogue and Monastic Bibliotheca in Early Tang”, 2010 年佛学研究论文集: 第一届"国际佛教大藏经" 学术研讨会 (The First International Conference of Buddhist Tripitaka Studies), 高雄: F.G.S. Foundation for Buddhist Culture and Education, 2011. pp.229-254. (English: 10,000 words)

2010.     Conference Paper: “集箧与结藏: 唐西明寺经藏群初探 (Assembling Scriptures and Establishing Tripitaka: A Brief Observation on Scripture Repositories at Ximing Monastery of the Tang Dynasty)”, vol. 3, 首届长安佛教国际学术研讨会论文集, 第三卷, 陕西师范大学出版社 Shanxi Normal University Press, 2010年. pp.432-444. (Chinese: 13,400 words)

2009.     Journal Article: “贝叶与写经:唐长安的佛教图书馆 (Palm Leaves and Copied Scriptures: The Buddhist Libraries in Tang Chang’an)”, 唐研究 (Tang Studies), vol.15, 北京大学出版社 Peking University Press, 2009年. pp.483-529. (Chinese: 40,000 words)

2001.     Book Chapter: “黑夜里的布道者 (Preachers in the Darkness)”, in Hobsbawm, E. J. tr. 王翔, 霍布斯堡姆. 非凡的小人物:反抗,造反及爵士乐. 新华出版社 Xinhua Publishing House, 2001年. pp. 452-458. (5,000 words)


2011.       Lewis, Mark Edward. China's Cosmopolitan Empire: The Tang Dynasty.  国际汉学研究通讯 (Newsletter for International China Studies), 北京 大学出版社 Peking University Press, vol. 2 (2011年), pp.384-394.  (Chinese:7800 words)



2002.   “‘九一一”与老子的道德经 (“911” and Laozi’s Daode Jing)”, 明报月刊 (Ming Pao Monthly), January 2002.


2001.   Newspaper Article: “黑暗中的小人物 (Shrouded in Darkness: Common People in Human History),” 南方周末 (Nangfang Weekly), Dec. 23, 2001.

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