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RCHC conducts a forum with Moshang Academy
Author: RCHC     Published: 27 November 2020

A forum on cultural exchange between members from the Research Centre for History and Culture, the Institute for Communication Studies of Chinese Culture and representatives from Moshang academy was held at UIC on November 27, 2020.

Professor Chen Zhi, director of the History and Culture Research Center, delivered a speech for the forum and expressed his views on learning Chinese traditional culture. In Professor Chen's view, there are too many "pseudo-Chinese studies" in the market at present. As a representative of academic researchers, he hopes to pass on more excellent Chinese traditional culture to everyone. He was also delighted to see so many entrepreneurs who like Mohism culture in Moshang academy, and welcomed more opportunities for further communication.

Dr. Chen Hao Che, a researcher at the Research Centre for History and Culture, gave a speech entitled "the ups and downs and transformation of Confucian classics ", sharing the historical background and changes of Confucian classics, as well as his views and understanding of classical studies. Although the participants in this exchange forum were mainly Mohist enthusiasts, Dr. Chen shared his views on Confucianism bravely. His wit and humor won him praise from the guests present. Dr. Huang Jiaofeng, a member of the Institute for Communication Studies of Chinese Culture, gave a speech on “Examining the current movement of reading classics and looking into the future of Mohist education”. Dr. Huang strongly criticized “the movement of reading classics" in children's education, which allowed children to memorize classics by rote and was instilled with a lot of useless content.

 An intense free questioning and exchange session followed the two teachers’ speeches. The Mohism fans who participated in the forum asked Dr. Chen Haozhe, the  representative of Confucianism, various direct and acute questions, such as doubts about the classic measurement standards, questions about the practicality of traditional culture, and so on. Dr. Chen answered everyone's questions one by one, and in turn questioned the logic of the Mohist ideological system. Faced with doubts, the representatives of the Moshang academy also immediately made their own responses, and the discussion on the spot was invariably passionate. At the end of the forum, Dr. Chen was hired as an academic consultant by Moshang academy.

The dispute between Confucianism and Mohism has never ceased from ancient times to the present, but through this cultural exchange forum, scholars of Confucianism and Mohism can communicate with each other in a friendly and rational manner, and have promoted the development of Mohism and Confucianism.