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Ancient Languages and Civilizations

This book series is devoted to new insights into the ancient world from its temporal, spatial, social, linguistic, and cultural aspects. Over the years knowledge of antiquity has much improved thanks to new archaeological discoveries and the development of new methods to evaluate old data, such as the application of new statistical methodologies to the study of the spread of human activities, languages, and artefacts in prehistorical times. Nonetheless, these studies to a large extent remain confined to separate journals of science and specialist conferences, and lack sufficient interaction among scholars working across different disciplines. Currently there is no book series- apart from encyclopedias, which have different aims and methods from monograph studies- with a scope that deals with all this knowledge.

Old World.Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia

Our new journal Old world. Journal of Ancient Africa and Eurasia is devoted to publishing advanced scholarly works on any aspect of ancient civilizations of the Old World, that is, of Africa and Eurasia, with a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. We aim at offering a comprehensive perspective on civilizations developed in these regions in pre-modern times, with a broad chronological span ranging from prehistory to the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire in the XV century, as well as with a broad disciplinary coverage including history, archeology, art and architecture, philology, literature, philosophy, religion studies, linguistics, sociology, anthropology, etc. The journal, in cooperation with Brill, presents studies from both eminent scholars and promising young talents. For more details, please visit the website: