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Established in 2019

The Research Centre for History and Culture (RCHC) was cofounded by Beijing Normal University (BNU) and BNU-HKBU United Intemational College (UlC) in June 2019.

About RCHC
RCHC combines Eastern and Western academic expertise to develop an innovative perspective on the pre-modern world that integrates traditional knowledge and innovative methods.

RCHC aims to cultivate and advance research in various disciplines of history and culture through interdisciplinary research, establishing an academic network with with high humanistic value and international vision.

The Centre is located in Zhuhai, which, being adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau and close to Taiwan, serves as an important gateway for China to the world.

The Centre aims to combine the cultural vision of Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, aiming to facilitate the communication of Chinese cultural traditions to the rest of the world, while simultaneously enriching China with the legacy of other ancient civilizations.


ancient languages
and cultures


international and
domestic researchers

Our members

The Research Centre for History and Culture employs world-class scholars who have accumulated profound knowledge and experience in research and teaching related to pre-modern studies at top universities in China and abroad.