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Julien Cooper

Associate Distinguished Research Fellow
juliencooper@uic.edu.cn      CV

Julien Cooper received his Ph.D. in Ancient History at Macquarie University, Australia in 2016. He was then had postdoctoral roles at Oxford University (Nomadic Empires Project, ERC) and Yale University (Teaching Fellow in Egyptology). He joined RCHC in March 2021. His research interests lie in the areas of Egyptology, Nubiology, and African cultures. Julien directs an archaeological fieldwork project investigating the nomads and goldmines in Eastern Sudan, The Atbai Survey Project.

Selected publications
  • J. Cooper (2020), Toponymy on the periphery: Placenames of the Eastern Desert, Red Sea, and South Sinai in Egyptian Documents from the Early Dynastic till the end of the New Kingdom, Brill: Probleme der Ägyptologie 39.
  • J. Cooper (2021) ‘Mines, towns, and cemeteries: The 2018 Season of the Atbai Survey Project’, Sudan & Nubia 25, 121-134.
  • J. Cooper (2021), ‘Between the Nile and the Red Sea: Medjay Desert Polities in the Third to First Millennium BCE’, Old World: Journal of Ancient Eurasia and Africa 1, 1-22.
  • J. Cooper (2020), ‘A Nomadic State? The ‘Blemmyean-Beja’ polity of the ancient Eastern Desert’, Journal of African History 61, 383-407.
  • J. Cooper & D. Vanhulle (2019), ‘Boats and routes: new rock art in the Atbai desert’, Sudan & Nubia 23, 3-13.