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Chen Zhan

Associate Distinguished Research Fellow      CV

Chen, Zhan holds a BA in Mathematics from Peking University, a MA in Theology from Heidelberg/Tübingen University. He received his doctoral degree from NELC, Harvard, in Nov. 2020. His dissertation focuses on the Peshitta of the Hebrew Bible, particularly on the Book of Isaiah, and analyzes several important aspects of the translational text: the status of its Vorlage, its dependence on other ancient versions and books, notably the Septuagint and the New Testament, etc. His ongoing research focuses on the biblical commentaries of Syriac writers, the translation/transmission of the Bible in ancient and in modern worlds, and all other related issues. Besides, he is keenly interested in digital humanity tools that may concern.

Selected publications
  • ”Christian Translator(s) under Jewish Garments? A Close Reading of the Syriac Version of Isaiah 25:6-8” (in Chinese), in The Chinese Journal of Classical Studies 6 (December 2020).
  • Ernst Troeltsch: Der Historismus und seine ̈Uberwindung (Historicism and its Overcoming) and Die Bedeutung des Protestantismus für die Entstehung der modernen Welt (The Significance of Protestantism for the Rise of the Modern World), Chinese translation (Beijing: Huaxia Publishing House, 2020).
  • ”An Investigation into the Peshitta of Isaiah”(ProQuest Dissertations Publishing, 2020).
  • ”An Investigation into the Peshitta of Isaiah, an Abridged Introduction”, in The Harvard Theological Review 114.4 (2021).